Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rob Ende Guest Blogging at INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

INFORMS_2012_Conf_HeaderI am very excited that I've been selected as a guest blogger for the INFORMS 2012 Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research.

The conference takes place April 15-17 in Huntington Beach, CA, and is the leading venue where world-class organizations showcase the strategic use of business analytics and O.R.

The conference blog can be found here, and the blog will replace the conference home page once the conference begins.  I will also mirror my posts right here on REanalyze This!

In addition to taking in some great presentations on the success of Business Analytics in areas such as Supply Chain and Forecasting, I will be co-facilitating a discussion group on best practices in spreadsheet modeling:
  • Garbage In, Gospel Out?  Join Rob Ende, CEO of REanalyze Inc. and SPRIG President Rick Carter, CEO of Equation, in a discussion of tips and tricks on spreadsheet design, development and auditing to prevent errors, reduce risk and ensure quality results.

Please check back for conference updates starting April 15.  Until next time...

Rob Ende is Founder and President of REanalyze Inc., a Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Analytics consultancy based on Long Island, New York.  Rob can be reached at 631-807-2339 or
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