Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Analytics Magazine - a Must Read for Business Analytics

If you manage a business analytics function or analytically-oriented projects, or if you think your organization would benefit from a more analytically-oriented and data-driven approach to decision-making, I highly recommend that you subscribe to Analytics magazine.  

Analytics, a digital magazine published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), provides readers with real-life examples of how data, modeling and mathematical analysis is used to drive better business decisions and provide concrete competitive advantage.

I'm a fan of the "Executive Edge" column.  The current issue's column features Kathy Chou, VP of Sales Strategy & Operations at Hewlett-Packard, on how HP achieved great rewards by applying analytics to the Sales function, typically one of the most difficult places to make headway with data-driven analysis and decision-making (How Analytics Turned Sales from Art to Science at Hewlett-Packard).

Another recent column from Chris Fry of Strategic Management Solutions talked about some keys to producing real, sustained value from analytics projects (Closing the Gap Between Analytics and Action), including:
  1. Focus on the business process, not just the model
  2. Make the model transparent to users and stakeholders (no "black box")
  3. Highlight the "so-what's" - the conclusions and actions you want the user to take
It's best to view Analytics in the digital reader version and you can download .pdf versions of your favorite articles.

Happy Reading!

Rob Ende is Founder and President of REanalyze Inc., a Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Analytics consultancy based on Long Island, New York.  Rob can be reached at 631-807-2339 or rende@reanalyzeinc.com.

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